Adopt-a-Play Project

Hilayda Akbulut — The Shoemaker’s Holiday (Dekker)
Azra Avci — Edward II (Marlowe)
Dilar Avsar — The Witch of Edmonton (Dekker, Rowley, Ford)
Hazal Aydin — A Woman Killed with Kindness (Heywood)
Enes Belenli — Philotas (Daniel)

Mina Cakmak — The Bloody Banquet (Middleton and Dekker)
Deniz Cinar — Dido, Queen of Carthage (Marlowe)
Idil Comert — A Christian Turn’d Turk (Daborne)
Zeynep Guler — The Jew of Malta (Marlowe)
Ismail Kacar — The Knight of the Burning Pestle (Beaumont)
Idil Kurtulan — The Duchess of Malfi (Webster)
Sinasi Kurtulmus — Henry VI 1-3 (Marlowe, Shakespeare)

Tunde Kutlu — The Devil is an Ass (Jonson)
Bahar Memis — The Tragedy of Mariam, Fair Queen of Jewry (Cary)
Semse Nazik — It’s a Mad World, My Masters (Middleton)

Fatma Busra Onarici — Timon of Athens (Middleton and Shakespeare)
Erkut Soyer — The White Devil (Webster)
Pinar Subasi — The Malcontent (Marston)

Sumeyye Topkara — The Revengers Tragedy (Middleton)
Sema Turker — Mustapha (Fulke Greville)
Asuman Uyar — ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore (Ford)

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