EL 484 Not Shakespeare


Suggested Plays

Adopt-a-Play Project 1–Editing first steps (Oct. 7th, 2019)

Now that you’ve chosen your plays, first we must read them. If you are having trouble locating a modern edition in the library (hopefully with notes and critical apparatus), send me an email as soon as possible! Please have your plays read over the next week or two.

During this time, you should also start doing some bibliographical research. We begin with DEEP (Database of Early English Playbooks). You can find the link in Resources.  Just type in the name of your play, and note how many editions were published in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Click on the “expand” tab to see further bibliographical details, years of publication, and the companies that produced them. These are the primary texts you will be using when it comes time to begin comparing scenes in early modern playbooks with modern editions.

Once you’ve looked at DEEP, put up all information you deem pertinent for your project on our shared Google Doc Page.

Missing Jonson Bits

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