EL 592 Readings

Martin Heidegger, “Letter on Humanism”

James Hankins, “How Not to Defend the Humanities”

Stephen Best and Sharon Marcus, “Surface Reading: An Introduction”

Hans Blumenberg, “An Anthropological Approach to the Contemporary Significance of Rhetoric”

Raymond Williams, Marxism and Literature

Frederic Jameson, from The Political Unconscious

Greenblatt, Shakespeare and the Exorcists

Jurgen Habermas, Structural Transformations and “Modernity”

Adorno and Horkheimer, from The Dialectic of Enlightenment

Peter Sloterdijk, from Critique of Cynical Reason

Frantz Fanon, Pitfalls of National Consciousness

Foucault, from The History of Sexuality

Janet Adelman, “Suffocating Mothers in King Lear”

Monique Wittig, “One is not Born a Woman”

Carl Schmitt, from Political Theology

Andreas Höfele, “‘I’ll see their trial first’: Law and Disorder in Lear’s Animal Kingdom”

Ruth Leys, “The Turn to Affect: A Critique”

Amanda Bailey, “Speak What We Feel”

Jane Bennett, from Vibrant Matter

Sloterdijk, Rules for the Human Zoo

Shannon, Poor, Bare, Forked

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