Essay 1, EL 202

Assignment: Write a minimum four page paper (1000 words) on Marlowe’s Faustus. Successful papers will advance an argument, based on a close reading of a narrow part of the play. Don’t go over “what happens” in the play from start to finish: concentrate on an image, a moment, a word, an idea that fascinates you or you find puzzling and would like to explore in further depth. Select carefully passages in the play that best allow you to interpret the role this image, moment, word, or idea plays in Faustus.

It’s probably a good idea to begin your close readings of the play before writing your thesis; ideally, as you are writing, you will begin to see how an argument taking shape.

Please read carefully these rules for integrating quotations into sentences. I encourage you especially to try out #3 and #4 on this list:

Titles should be specific enough to indicate something about your topic or argument, while also adding a little flare.

Other requirements: 12 pt font, Times New Roman, double-spaced. Include your name and a title at the top of the first page: nothing else is necessary or desirable.

Upload to turnitin by Friday at midnight and bring a hard copy to class on Monday.

Class ID: 17516457; Enrollment key: Rebel



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